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'Imiloa is part of World's Largest Exhibit

‘Imiloa is Part of World’s Largest Exhibit
Sagan Planet Walk Expands to Hawai‘i

Hilo, Hawai‘i
– Visitors to ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center can now partake in the largest exhibit in the world, the Sagan Planet Walk.
The Sagan Planet Walk exhibit is a walking model of the solar system beginning with the Sun station in the pedestrian mall (known as “The Commons”) in downtown Ithaca, NY.  The dwarf planet Pluto is located 1,200 meters (3/4 mile) away at the Sciencenter of Ithaca, a hands-on museum featuring over 250 exhibits. It is a model of our Solar System at one five-billionth (1/5,000,000,000) of the actual size.  Both the size of the planets and the distance between them are accurately scaled and displayed.

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