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Maunakea Skies Talk

Third Friday of each month at 7:00 pm

Show format 

"Maunakea Skies" begins with the traditional tour of the night sky featuring stars, constellations and planets visible with the unaided eye. Following this a special guest presenter from one of the Maunakea observatories will share the latest research in astronomy using the 3D planetarium technology to "fly out" and explore these discoveries. Imagine traveling to planets, zipping through star clusters and nebulae, and exploring galaxies far beyond our own!

Maunakea Skies Hosts

Peter Michaud is the public information officer for Gemini Observatories on the Big Island. He's a former planetarium producer and manager at the Bishop Planetarium in Honolulu, where he wrote and produced more than 20 planetarium shows. He has also taught astronomy in Virginia high school programs, created many educational programs and curricula, and led eclipse expeditions to Maunakea and Chile.