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'Imiākea: Discovering Maunakea is 'Imiloa's new series aimed at expanding our understanding of all the dimensions represented by Maunakea. 

'Imiloa serves as a platform for conversations about Maunakea to happen. The opinions and views of the presenters throughout this series do not necessarily reflect the views of 'Imiloa. We are a platform for community discussions to take place, and it is our hope that through these conversations we can deepen our understanding of all that Maunakea represents.


June 2016 'Imiākea: ‘O Hānau Ka Pō Iā Luna: A Presentation on Hawaiian Worldviews and Relationship to Maunakea
Presenters: Ku'uipo Freitas and Ku'ulei Kanahele

 'O Hānau Ka Pō Iā Luna is a chant that honors the birth of Kamehameha III and traces his lineage to Hawai'i Island's natural landscape. A section of this chant describes the birth of a mauna (mountain) of 'Kea' which many Hawaiian partitioners and scholars have associated with the creation of Maunakea. The speakers presented on their view of Hawaiians' relationship to Maunakea, and what their role is playing in the modern movement of protest against further development on Maunakea. View full event details. 



April 2016: 'Imiākea: Millennials Who Mālama: Hawaiian Language Immersion Graduates Talk about Balancing Tradition and Technology

Presenters: Leahi Davis Naone Hall, Lincoln Laiana Kanoa-Wong, Chase Michael Kaho‘okahi Kanuha, Keli‘ihoalani N. K. Wilson

Millennials who Mālama featured an evening of interactive dialogue as a panel of Hawaiian immersion graduates talked about balancing technology and tradition. Like the 92 million others in their generation, millennials have come of age during a time of rapid technological growth and change. Thus, innovation and development are not goals for their future, they are givens. Strategizing and navigating the transformation necessary to our future livelihood lies in the hands of these "change-agents." Having been raised as the new generation of fluent Hawaiian speakers grounded in tradition and culture lends to a worldview distinct from their fellow millennials. View full event details. 


February 2016: 'Imiākea: Mele and Hula Workshop 

Presenters: Kumu Kekoa and Kumu Pele Harman