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KŌLEA (Keeping Our Legacy of Exploration Alive)
Grades 7 & 8
Duration: 1 hour
Acceptance into a MANU ʻImiloa: KŌLEA Flight is required
Designed specifically for teachers and students in grades 7 and 8, KŌLEA is a two-week+ curriculum package designed specifically for middle school teachers to adopt in their science or math classes.  
Titled “He Manu He Wa'a: The Geometry of Wayfinding,” this curriculum explores the geometry, astronomy and science that undergird traditional Polynesian non-instrumental navigation. It particularly focuses on real-life math applications, showing students how wayfinders utilize their knowledge of angle degrees and angle pair relationships - such as supplementary and complementary angles - in the Hawaiian Star Compass to organize the horizon, calibrate and properly orient themselves to their surrounding environment and to determine position.
Created using Moenahā, a culture-based curriculum design and instructional model, and developed with the guidance of a teacher advisory committee, this experience aligns with Common Core State Math Standards, Nā Honua Mauli Ola Cultural Guidelines for Learners, Nā Hopena A'o Learner Outcomes and Next Generation Science Standards.  KŌLEA comprises of 6 units with one unit delivered in an outreach visit by ‘Imiloa staff, and the others pre- and post-visit lessons to be taught by the classroom teacher. At different junctures, classes will also have the opportunity to interact with crewmembers of Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia participating in the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage.
To ensure a successful journey, this yearlong sail plan includes five essential components to provide our teachers with the support they need in order to deliver curriculum that meets State Department of Education standards through culture-based education: 
  1. MANU ʻImiloa Teacher Training Workshops: Training is vital to the success of any voyage. Therefore, teacher-training workshops include an orientation to the program and its curriculum as well as hands-on participation in unit activities and instruction on equipment use. Acceptance into a MANU ʻImiloa: KŌLEA Flight is required in order to attend. Click here to learn more!
  2. Instructional Materials: Teachers who complete the MANU ʻImiloa Teacher Training Workshop will receive a Teacher’s Curriculum Guide complete with module and unit overviews, curriculum maps, background information, lesson plans and activities, worksheets and tests. In addition, assessment rubrics and program evaluations will also be included.
  3. Traveling Kits: Because of the unique nature of the content as well as being mindful of our schools’ budgetary constraints, MANU ʻImiloa teachers will be provided with a customized traveling kit that will be loaned to each teacher for the implementation of module activities. This kit comes complete with the necessary math materials and wayfinding equipment needed to perform the experiments and activities. 
  4. Outreach Visits: To deepen application of pre-visit lessons and activities, ‘Imiloa Outreach Staff will conduct an outreach visit offering fast-paced problem solving and critical-thinking activities, literally placing students in the navigator's seat and simulating different angle pair-navigation scenarios every navigator encounters on the deep-sea.
  5. Teacher Support & Networking: At the heart of this program are our teachers and as such, they deserve the support needed in order to succeed. Therefore teachers will have priority access to Outreach staff for any support or consultation they may need.
In order to take advantage of this opportunity, a teacher must first be accepted into a designated Flight. To join the inaugural flight of MANU ʻImiloa teachers at this fall’s MANUʻImiloa: KŌLEA Teacher Training Workshop, click here!
For more information, email or call (808)-932-8910.