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Take home the 'Imiloa experience

Don't leave without a visit to the Museum Store, located in the Atrium. Here you will find unique gifts for family and friends back home, books, educational kits and games, apparel and changing variety of art and craft items featuring local artists. Keepsakes and items from the store will keep alive the ‘Imiloa experience.

‘Imiloa's Museum Store's wide selection of books include Hawaiian culture and language, as well as books by local astronomers including Gentle Rain of Starlight by Michael West, and Stars over Hawaii by Edwin Bryan and ‘Imiloa the late Dr. Richard Crowe, as well as books on Hawaiian navigation, and specialty items such as the poster on Na Ohana Hoku Eha – The Four Star Families used for wayfinding, and the Hawaiian Moon Calendar.

Items from the ‘Imiloa Museum Store may also be purchased by telephone. Call (808) 932-8903, or email us with your questions at imiloastore@imiloahawaii.org.

Mahalo to Bank of Hawaii, our local donor for its community support of Bank of Hawaii 'Imiloa Store.

Visa, MasterCard, JCB credit cards, cash and checks drawn on local banks are accepted.

Featured Product


The Wayfinderʻs Collection features 4 starlines that a navigator uses to organize the night sky. During the months of September - November, the starline that is most prominent is "Kalupeakawelo" or "The Kite of Kawelo" and therefore is our featured piece until the end of this quarter. If youʻre interested in reading more about these four starlines, visit our Hawaiian Starlines page on our ʻImiloa website. In the second photo attached you will see four charms that symbolize the four stars that frame the main body of this starline. Each represents the chiefs of our four major islands: Kakuhihewa (O'ahu), Keawe (Hawai'i), Pi'ilani (Maui), and Manokalanipō (Kaua'i).