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'Imiloa's 8th Annual Family Day
Celebrating Journey through The Universe's 10th Anniversary!

‘Imiloa 8th Anniversary
Sunday, March 9, 2014
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Celebrate ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center’s 8th anniversary celebration on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of KTA Super Stores, this celebration is free to the community. Enjoy fun activity booths, out-of-this world astronomy presentations, and much more.   First 500 keiki visitors receive a free gift. Don’t miss this “Annual Family Day at ‘Imiloa.” Come Explore!
The day’s offerings include complimentary access to ‘Imiloa’s exhibit hall, free 20 minute planetarium programs, garden tours, as well as the Journey through the Universe presentations featuring inspiring astronomy talks every hour. For the hungry visitors, KTA Super Stores will have food options like chili and rice, hotdogs, and salad for purchase, and free birthday cake will be served to the first 1,000 visitors.
The special engaging and awe-inspiring presentations by Journey through the Universe astronomy professionals will start at 10:00 a.m., including returning favorites like Dr. Scott Fisher and Kevin Caruso. 
Hands-on activities showcasing nano-technology (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter wide) will be featured at stations in the exhibit hall throughout the day. Come and explore the ‘Imiloa nano programs with messages for a sustainable Hawai‘i.
Make Every Day a Free Day…Become a member. We will be offering $10 off all levels of 'Imiloa membership, whether you are new to 'Imiloa or renewing your membership. This discount will be reserved for memberships purchased on-site on Sunday, March 9th. Even if your membership isn't about to expire, you are welcome to take advantage of this discount and renew early!

Journey through the Universe Talks

March 9, 2014


Rob Kelso
“Why did bees, moths, pigs, fish, frogs, butterflies and monkeys fly in SPACE?”

Come and find out the answers from the Pacific International Space Center
   for Exploration Systems (PISCES) Director and former Space Shuttle Flight Director.

11AM    Dr. Scott Fisher
“Talking Story and Building an Astro-bridge to the Mainland”

Dr. Fisher will speak about what it’s like to be a professional astronomer that works at one of the Mauna Kea observatories. In this informal talk, which is filled with great pictures and videos, Dr. Fisher will portray “A Day in the Life of an Astronomer” and share some of the most recent discoveries in the realm of astronomy. He will also talk about how he plans to connect Hilo-town and the Big Island to schools and universities in Oregon through a proposed “Remote Observing Center.” By building an "astro-bridge" between Hawaii and Oregon, Dr. Fisher hopes to give students in both states a way to study astronomy using both small and large telescopes. Finally, there will be a rousing game of “Stump the Astronomer!” where Dr. Fisher will field questions from the audience. 
12PM    Dr. Doug Simons
"Discoveries in the Fundamental Nature of Space"

Our perception of the universe is biased toward things we can detect, large or small. In astronomy, centuries of scientific research are founded upon the study of stars, galaxies, interstellar gas, planets, and other celestial objects – things we can detect. This voyage of discovery has left us with a remarkable understanding of the realm we live in, but is it really complete? The overwhelming majority of the universe is cold dark space and is thought to be little interest compared to the objects to which we ascribe our knowledge of the universe. Thanks to advances in astronomy and high energy physics, we are gaining a new appreciation for the fundamental nature of the space that connects everything. Through telescopes to probe the largest objects in the universe and particle accelerators to probe the smallest, we are beginning to come full circle, and appreciate the importance of the space between.

1PM       Sandra Dawson, Ann Marie Cody and Breann Sitarski
“Planets:  Near and Far”

Did you know that our solar system is not alone? Over 1000 planets have
now been identified around other stars, and many possess unique
properties! Finding and characterizing these planets has been a triumph
of modern astronomy. We will take an interactive journey starting with the
Earth and Moon and ending in solar systems other than our own to explore
these discoveries and the size scales involved.

2PM     Dr. Laura Peticolas, Dr. Nancy Maryboy, and Dr. Isabel Hawkins
  “Sharing the Skies – a cross cultural and multi-disciplinary view”

We will share some of our findings about both Indigenous ways of knowing the sky and Universe as well as western astronomy interpretations of the sky and Universe. From atmospheric phenomena to the distant cosmos, we share what we have learned from our own cultural understanding, tools, exploration, and discovery. We will explore with our audience how language, mathematics, knowledge of the sky from past studies, and knowledge from elders have helped us develop a more complete understanding of the space around Earth and beyond.

3PM       Kevin Caruso
"Gravity" and the World's Cheapest Space Suit!

Watch an audience volunteer dress up in "The World's Cheapest Space Suit"
as electrical engineer and space author Kevin Caruso shares a fun
hands-on educational discussion about the design of real NASA Space Suits---as
compared to the Hollywood Space Suits shown in the movie "Gravity".
At the same time, we'll answer the important question:  
Is There Gravity In Space?  Hint:  YES!!!

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Mahalo to our Sponsor


Mahalo to the Journey through the Universe Team



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