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'Aukai 'Imiloa

Rigorous Academic and Experiential Activities for 8-12 Graders

‘Aukai ‘Imiloa, is a yearlong pilot program for student’s grades 8-12 focusing on Wayfinding and Navigation through rigorous academic and experiential activities. Centered on a theme of exploration, students will learn about navigation through hands on workshops, specialized training sessions, and sailing aboard deep-sea voyaging canoes.

Cultural Practice + Science

While navigation remains a cultural practice for indigenous island people, the basis of this traditional art as performed by today’s generation of navigators is grounded in math, science, and technology. ‘Aukai ‘Imiloa will engage students by connecting them to the science, math, and technology that will make them successful Wayfinders and Navigators, while providing them lessons in leadership and stewardship in an environment that will stimulate them intellectually, and challenge them physically. 

As they learn about voyaging on canoes they will be encouraged to make connections to modern voyages of exploration in space and come to know the common spirit that all explorers share. Lastly students will learn about teamwork and how to build the necessary habits that foster friendship and the healthy relationships essential for survival aboard a canoe or living within a community.

Students who participate in the program will be made aware of internship and apprenticeship opportunities and encouraged to apply for these through local cultural institutions.
Draft schedule:
Fall 3-day orientation 
Spring 3-day training workshop
Summer 7-day immersion sailing activity
Fall 3-day mentoring event