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Become an 'Imiloa Ambassador by Joining 'Imiloa's Volunteer Program!

Are you looking for a great way to get involved with ‘Imiloa on a regular basis and meet new people?  Would you be interested in lifelong learning opportunities that enhance your knowledge of Hawaiian culture and science?  ‘Imiloa is currently seeking volunteers who are interested in supporting our unique mission and work to inspire future generations of innovators and explorers.  Each volunteer is a spark of light, helping to sustain the perpetual flame of our guiding torch, Lamakū.
We offer a variety of volunteer positions including tours guides, and outreach assistants.  Our volunteers are the heart of ‘Imiloa and we couldn’t do what we do without them.   To learn how you can make a difference today and every day by becoming a Lamakū, call 'Imiloa's front desk at 808-932-8901 or email


  • Greet visitors and assist in orienting them to 'Imiloa.
  • Work in the store with customers and products.
  • Serve as docents and interpreters in the exhibit halls.
  • Help behind the scenes with office work and other duties.

If you have enthusiasm for learning, enjoy meeting people, and would like to make a contribution of your time, please apply to become a volunteer:

  • We have a special need for volunteers with these capabilities:
  • Knowledge of Hawaiian culture, language and history
  • Fluency in Hawaiian, Japanese, or other languages
  • Knowledge of astronomy
  • Teaching experience and a flair for dramatic speaking
  • Technical or artistic skills

Volunteers must be 16 years old or older, must provide their own transportation, and must be able to make a three-month commitment. We offer on-the-job training and many opportunities to expand your skills.

Volunteer Application


Volunteer Position Recruitment

Those who are interested, please contact 'Imiloa's front desk at 808-932-8901, or email